This necklace is handcrafted using  Antique Bronze color metals, adorned with various Crystals.

Steampunk is fun and Fanciful to wear at various Victorian Costume events, such as the Dickens Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, and the like.

When you hear the word steampunk, it probably conjures up visions of tight corsets, thick goggles, top hats, and intricate costumes involving clockwork and other machinery. Everyone is dressed in lace and waistcoats, but they wield strange technologies — prosthetic-like accessories that give them the curious appearance of Victorian cyborgs. Indeed, the “steampunk” aesthetic is characterized by a mind-boggling mashup of future and past.

Steampunk as a fashion trend emerged full-steam (pardon our pun) in the 90s and early 2000s, and has only become more popular — and imaginatively manifested — since then. It’s even been described as a “subculture,” encompassing not just fashion, but all sorts of DIY projects such as custom furniture, as well as mainstream media like TV and movies. Notable in the steampunk repertoire are films like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Disney’s Treasure Planet, which combine classic action/adventure tropes with inventive science fiction to create spellbinding stories in universes very unlike our own.

So what is steampunk as a literary genre? To put it in a more bookish context, steampunk is the eccentric lovechild of Victorian literature and cyberpunk, the latter of which is itself a combination of “lowlife and high-tech” (think The Matrix or Blade Runner). However, rather than homing in on a hypothetical future, steampunk projects its speculation back into the past — reimagining the 19th century with technology far exceeding the reality of the era. Naturally, steampunk literature focuses less on pure aesthetics and more on story, which has resulted in some of the most exciting speculative fiction in the canon.

As a subgenre of sci-fi, steampunk is sometimes guided by certain rules of scientific possibility, yet it also tends to incorporate fantasy elements like mythical creatures and time travel. It’s definitely a bit slippery — one of those genres you have to read to truly understand.

Steampunk ‘Wing’ Necklace


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