‘That’s My Glass’ – Never lose your glass again.

Have you ever been at a party, where people forget which glass is whose?  No more guessing!

Attach your very own charm to your glass.  The magnets are strong and can be attached to even thick glasses.

To put the charm on the glass, hold the charm on the outside of the glass and put the magnet on the inside of the glass.

There is a ‘positive’ and a ‘negative’ side to the magnet.  If you feel resistance when trying to put the magnet on the inside of the glass, simply turn the magnet around and then it will be attracted to the charm.

Remove your Glass Charm by putting your thumb on the charm and your index finger on the magnet that is inside the glass and PULL UP and off of the glass.  If you pull the charm off the glass, the magnet will fall inside the glass.

Each Glass Charm comes packaged on a card in an organza bag, perfect for your purse, or gift-giving.

Keep your Glass Charm in your purse so you have it wherever you go.


Grape Cluster Wine Charm


Purple Grape Cluster.  Plastic.  Rhinestone-studded Ball

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